"We have been bringing our dog Fergus to Your Dog's Inn scince March of 2013"...
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"When we found Your Dog's Inn our 8 month Boxer puppy Bella was kenneled during the day, did not come when called, jumped on furniture, jumped on people, put her paws on the kitchen counters, and was quickly becoming stronger and more disobedient by the day"... Read More

..."we enjoy the videos that Elizabeth puts on FB"... Read More

"Elizabeth confirmed suspicions that my husband and I had that Lido was not the Lab mix that the rescue told us we were getting, that he was indeed a Pit Bull"... Read More

"Your Dog's Inn is an amazing place to bring your dog."... Read More

“I have been bringing my dog, Jenny, to Your Dogs Inn for over a year and a half"... Read More

"My husband and I moved from Porland to Hampden this past summer and we were sad that our dog Mini had to leave her daycare in Portland because we were not sure that we would be able to find something comparable;"... Read More

"Love Your dogs inn!! I am not sure what I would do without Elizabeth"... Read More

"My dogs- Frank & Barney - do not particularly like to travel, but when I say "Let's go see Elizabeth", they practically hop in the car themselves"... Read More

"My wife and I cannot say enough good things about Your Dog's Inn and the owner, Elizabeth Miller"... Read More