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We are an appointment only shop with all our services.

Why should you bring your dog to a doggie daycare ?

Socialization of your dog can’t be taught by you or your trainer. It is an instinct that dogs use to size each other up. Packs of dogs have a language all of their own, something that groups of dogs can teach each other, such as how to greet other dogs the right way by smell, sound, and body position.

If you bring your dog home from its litter mates as a puppy and it never gets a chance to play with other dogs, both known and unknown dogs, it will never learn the right way to meet and greet other dogs, how to play, and most importantly, establish a sense of well being and confidence.

Many dogs with fear and anxiety are dogs that have never been socialized, or have been kept away from other dogs. Keeping your dog at home away from other dogs, sometimes manifests in an insecure dog, dependent on you for all its needs, at all times.

When you then try to board your dog, it has a miserable time because your dog is not used to being away from you, and no boarding facility can make it comfortable. Your dog only wants you. If, for the next 15 or 16 years you don’t mind this, i.e. no vacations away from your dog, great! However, if you are like most of us and require your dog to be boarded, then you may want to look into daycare every couple of weeks.

If you have an anxious dog, or a dog that is clearly troubled with disruptive or overactive behavior, then why not try daycare? This lack of exposure to other dogs and play can lead to antisocial behavior, fearful dogs, and separation anxiety.

Your dog will observe and learn playful behavior, work off some of the energy every dog has, and help socialize and train your best friend. You will be amazed at how calm and relaxed your dog is after a day here.

Puppy Program

Your Dog's Inn offers a self study course on raising a well behaved dog. This multi-directional course teaches every dog owner simple, and effective techniques to get the best behavior from their dog from day one.

Our philosophy is exercise comes before effective learning in any dog which is why daycare is included in tuition. In our experience daily exercise is essential to any well behaved dog and the most detailed instruction will be ineffective unless this basic requirement is met.

When combined with self study that include housebreaking, safe crating, safety walking on and off the leash, best and worse foods, selecting a vet, recall success, flea and tick precaution, vaccination education; CORE vs. non-core, anxiety and destructive behavior. Give us a call and we set up an appointment.

Doggie Daycare

Your Dog's Inn offers regular daycare to dogs that are socialized and get along well with other dogs. We have many clients who only utilize the facility once a week, and others find that their dogs needs our help 5 days a week. It all depends on your dogs needs. We are air conditioned in the summer and heated in the cold months. We post videos to Facebook every day so that you can see your dog enjoying activities such as group nature walks on our private 90 acres of land. When your dog is active during the day, you will come home to relaxed and happy pet.

We do work with dogs that have special needs, such as mild resource aggression and phobias, and some other dogs with hyperactivity, destructive dogs, however, each case is different and a consult is required so that we can asses your dog and it's behavior before we accept it for regular daycare.


Your Dog's Inn offers boarding to clients who utilize our facility at least once a week. We do not put your dog in a crate and let it in and out of a dog door and call that care. We feel very strongly that boarding should be a pleasant experience for your dog and in our experience, most dogs do not do well in a boarding facility unless they are familiar with the building and other dogs, and that is why we encourage you to consider a day of daycare before your dog is here for boarding. Not all dogs need this introductory period, but if you only go away "once every couple of years" your dog will probably not feel comfortable in any facility where it is put.

It is a well known fact in the boarding industry that dogs stop eating, and drinking if they are stressed. We try to do what is right for your dog, and if you are interested in having your dog be comfortable during it's stay here, we might suggest a day or two of daycare so that your dog understands the routine and is less stressed for when it comes back for an extended stay.


We require reservations in advance, with any service we offer, doggie daycare, dog grooming, or dog boarding. If your dog has not been here before, a brief consultation with you and your dog is required first before receiving doggie daycare or boarding. Dog grooming consultations can be done over the phone.

Part of your consultation requires a temperament assessment to make sure there are no aggression issues. We do not accept aggressive dogs for the safety of our other clients. We plan on never having any dog or person injured here.

Call us to arrange a consultation, and bring your dog with you. Consultations are important because we also get the chance to reserve a specific time for you to tell us what you want for your dog, how we can meet your needs, and what your expectations are. A consultation at the facility gives your dog the chance to get used to the smells, surroundings and other dogs.

Some dogs need medication such as insulin, or oral medications, and we can give those as well. There is no need to bring bedding, but if your dog prefers a special bed, and you would like to bring it, please do so. The only requirement is that your dog is flea free and the dog bed is as well. Puppies will need clearance from your vet, and your puppy must have had its second set of shots. Most puppies eat three times a day, so please bring a lunchtime meal. All dogs are monitored at all times while at play.

We do have rest time from noon to 2:30p.m. for all dogs when all dogs go into their crates until 2:30 PM. We are closed while the dogs are resting and re-open at 2:30 PM when it’s time to go out and play again. At 4:30, all dogs are crated.

At 6:00 PM the dogs are crated until owners arrive here to pick them up. We shut the doors at 6:00 PM. That means that your dog might be an overnight guest, unless special arrangements are made in advance.

Keeping Clean

We do find dogs that have fleas without the owner knowing about it, and we reserve the option to give your dog a flea bath to prevent spreading the fleas to the other dogs here. Please understand that fleas can be spread to other dogs quickly and that we have an obligation to keep all our clients safe from infestation. Because of the early spring in 2012, we also use all natural kennel spray every two weeks to keep ticks away. We encourage you to utilize one of the flea and tick preventative products ASAP. We have never had an outbreak of fleas here.

We disinfect the facility every day, with bleach to make sure that everyone starts the day with clean and fresh surroundings. If we do have an outbreak of a contagious disease, we will temporarily close. We disinfect with bleach as required by The Maine Animal Welfare Program twice a day. Our run areas are kept clean of animal waste and sanitized throughout the day.

We use natural cleaning products to keep sanitation safe for the Earth and your pet. We are a current licensed animal boarding facility and are registered with the Maine Animal Welfare Program. - Boarding Kennel 7 MRSA 3932.